Move over Betty Crocker: Pot edibles to include anything you can brew, stew, cook or chew

Move over Betty Crocker: Pot edibles to include anything you can brew, stew, cook or chew

saw this in the Toronto Star... thought it interesting…

There’s sure to be cookies, brownies, gummy bears and all that sweet, expected fare.

But the range of edible cannabis products that could be available to Canadians next year may well be on a Betty-Crocker scale.

Indeed, just about anything you can brew, stew, cook or chew could have cannabis content when edibles — and drinkables — join the legalized ranks of pot products in October 2019, a year after combustible products like marijuana buds and hash oils come onto the market.

“You’ll be able to infuse a steak,” says Will Hyde, a marijuana sommelier and a senior subject matter expert with Leafly Canada.

“Or really any meal,” says Hyde, whose international outfit runs the world’s largest cannabis resource website.
That cannabis cornucopia would be made particularly possible if cooking and seasoning staples like salts and sugars — infused with active cannabinoid compounds like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and already being sold in legalized U.S. states — join the traditional confectioneries on pot store shelves in this country.

“They’ve found a way to mechanically fuse cannabinoids … with crystalline structures like sugar or salt or (the sweetener) Xylitol,” says Niel Marotta, president and CEO of the London, Ont., cannabis producer INDIVA.

“They call them flexible edibles … and people can now cook with them as well,” says Marotta, whose company is hoping to market these and other edible products in Canada.

Delaying the legalization of edibles for a year will allow federal officials to hold consultations and put the appropriate food safety regulations in place.

Hyde says that cookies and brownies — which you’ll be legally able to make at home with the combustible oils and plant residues that will be legalized this fall — have long been the pot conveyors of choice for edibles fans.

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